All pages in a Handheld Designer application have access to an HDApplication object in the global variable application.

Object Properties & Methods

 deviceIDThe current device and orientation.
 gotoPageDirect the device to a new page


PropertyFirst available in version 1.0.0

Returns the runtime's best guess for the current device and orientation. Can have one of the following values:

"iPhone"iPhone, portrait orientation
"iPhone-L"iPhone, landscape orientation
"iPad"iPad, portrait orientation
"iPad-L"iPad, landscape orientation

This property is read-only.


MethodFirst available in version 1.0.0

Method to direct the device to a new page.


application.gotoPage(pageID, parameters, options);


pageIDThe identifier of the destination page. (string) Alternately, pass a standard URL string to direct the user to an arbitrary location. Passing the value "(back)" will automatically navigate the user to the previous page.
parameters(Optional) A JavaScript object containing the parameters to pass as part of the URL.
options(Optional) A JavaScript object containing the options used by the gotoPage method. (See below.)

Options: The options parameter is an JavaScript object containing one or more of the following properties:

transitionThe transition to use when showing the page. (string)
reverseDecides what direction the transition will run when showing the page. (boolean)
reloadPageForces a reload of a page, even if it has already been cached. (boolean)
typeSpecifies the method ("get" or "post") to use when making a page request. (string)
dataThe data to send with an Ajax page request. (string or object)


// Direct the user to "page2"

Example #2:

// Send the user to

Example #3:

// Include some optional parameters
application.gotoPage("page2", {param1: "some value"});

Example #4:

// Specify a page transition
application.gotoPage("page2", {}, {transition: "slide"});
// Navigate to the previous page

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