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Handheld Designer 1.4.1 Released On Mac App Store

April 22, 2013

### HDPhotoSwipe ### A new object, HDPhotoSwipe, provides an interactive image gallery, based on the PhotoSwipe JavaScript library. You provide a set of images, either at design-time using the property editor, or at run-time using the object’s images property. The images are presented as a slideshow that the user can swipe with their finger, or they can tap “play” and have the slideshow advance automatically.

Changes in Handheld Designer, Version 1.4.1:

  • New object: HDPhotoSwipe, an interactive image gallery based on the PhotoSwipe JavaScript library (http://photoswipe.com). (Thanks, Paul T.)
  • When removing a resource that appears in javascriptIncludes or cssIncludes, an option is provided to remove the resource from the project includes. (Thanks, David S.)
  • Command-D now toggles between design-view and the previously viewed tab.
  • New application preference: choose the default HDDiv content editing mode (Markdown or HTML)
  • It is now possible to drag (copy) resources out of projects into the Finder, and between projects.
  • Added “Export” toolbar button, and an option to skip exported file overwrite warnings.
  • When including a javascriptInclude file ending in a “.coffee” extension, type=”text/coffeescript” is now added to the SCRIPT element.
  • New application preference to enable a compact object palette.
  • Improved crash reporter and added a problem/suggestion reporter
  • Removed status bar
  • Upgraded to jQuery Mobile 1.3.1
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of “(none)” as the list view default icon.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the runtime from determining correct device orientation.

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